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Williams Golf MR Tour Player Series Fairway Wood

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Integrating the high performance HT 1770 Stainless Steel to the faces in a Pull Face construction provides the MR Fairway wood with a higher transfer of energy and increased COR at impact. The extra weight savings from the lighter, thinner but stronger face allows weight to be strategically redistributed around the perimeter and the sole to create a larger and hotter sweet spot. Including the revolutionary Williams Single Frequency shafts, the MR Fairway Wood is the ultimate solution for the player who demands accommodating technology for increased performance off the turf translating into longer distance.

Incorporating all the evolved aerodynamic features of its big brother, the MR Driver: Trip, Winglet, Diffuser and the Venturi Channel, the MR Fairway Wood is built to facilitate ball launch off the turf and stabilize off-center hits with its strategically placed weights on the perimeter and sole of the head. This product features Williams Racing blue accenting. The traditional golfer will find the Player Series to be the total performance package.


The Trip redirects airflow over the crown of the driver to minimize the surface area of the crown that is affected by airflow contact, which is important in the reduction of drag.


The Winglets manage and control the air flowing around the heal and toe section of the driver, creating a more consistent and stable path throughout the downswing and impact.


The Diffuser is a key component in diffusing and controlling the air the flows across the soleplate of the driver, combining with the effectiveness of the Trip, to minimize the wake and density of airflow off the rear of the driver creating a significant reduction in drag.


Model Loft(??) Lie(??) Length(") Grip Grip Size
3 Wood 15 58 43" Williams Compound 580
5 Wood 18 59 42" Williams Compound 580


Fujikura WSF Graphite Shaft

The Williams Racing Golf line of products exclusively features Fujikura shafts. These shafts are produced in Japan and manufactured to the highest Japanese standards. Each Fujikura shaft has been custom tailored to each model of Williams products to ensure the highest level of performance. The Player series features a Williams Compound grip. This grip utilizes multiple rubber compounds to create a unique feel and reduce torque. The upper hand utilizes a black rubber combination for a firm grip in all weather conditions. The lower hand features a softer rubber compound to ensure feel and control.

Fujikura Shaft Weight Torque(??) Kick Point Swing Weight #3 CPM #3 Swing Weight #5 CPM #5
R-Light 50g 5.2 Low D1.5-D2.5 215-225 D1.5-D2.5 215-225
R 55g 4.8 Low D1.5-D2.5 235-245 D1.5-D2.5 235-245
S 63g 4.2 Mid D1.5-D2.5 255-265 D1.5-D2.5 255-265