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Masters Unisex Golf Magnetic Bracelet

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Masters Magnetic Copper Bracelet 

For centuries it has been believed that regularly wearing a magnetic bracelet relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation and reduces joint aches. Copper bracelets have been worn since Roman times in the belief that they are instrumental in affording relief to arthritic and rheumatic conditions. 

Magnetic field deficiency syndrome was identified in 1958. Subjects experienced headaches, dizziness, lack of energy and assorted aches and pains. The symptoms of the magnetic field deficiency syndrome were alleviated by the application of magnets to the body. 

Scientists became acutely aware of the power of magnets on the human body while studying early cosmonauts. After extended flights above the earth's magnetic field, those early explorers suffered bone loss and muscle cramping.

Those effects subsided after installing artificial magnetic fields in their  space crafts. Many people get an insufficient amount of copper in their diets.

A recent study had indicated that dissolved copper from bracelets are responsible for an average of 13 milligrams of absorption by the human body during a month of ware.

When copper is absorbed through the skin, it gets into the circulation very quickly. If you are suffering from aches and pains try Magnetic/Copper Bracelets today.