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Tad Moore Tour Hotblade Blaster Sand - Lob Wedge - Blast Out Of Bunkers!

Tad Moore

Tour Hotblade Blaster

Sand Wedge 56

Lob Wedge 60

Blast Out Of Bunkers!

Designed perfectly to make wedge play easy. 


The 'Blaster' sand iron has been designed by Tad Moore, who has been designing clubs since 1963. He says it's 'the perfect solution' for all your bunker troubles! With its wide sole design he claims you simply 'cannot fail' to escape, even from the worst of lies. Hotblade, which was not a familiar name to me, have been precision crafting their equipment for more than 50 years and the company claims many top players have used Hotblade equipment, including Nick Faldo, who used one of their putters.