G-Rip Golf Grip Black - Midsize or Standard


The New G-rip GR20 Iron grip comes in two sizes; A standard 60 round and a midsize version in 60 round for those players that prefer a thinker grip.

The grip comes in a propriety all-rubber compound featuring a small cut design to allow for maximum feel and control. It comes with a silver paint fill on the trim rings and G-Rip logo with alignment lines to and bottom. The compound has good durability and gives good traction with minimum torque and comes at an affordable re-grip price from your Pro in todays market.

Change your grips today and change your game, as poor grip increases grip pressure and stops you from releasing the club face at the bottom of your swing. A new grip allows you to grip the club with less tension and this will start to improve your game.

Standard size golf grips
Super soft feel time after time
Durable and long-lasting material
Consistent grip feel round after round
Exceptional torsion control ensures greater control