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Williams F1 Golf Qualifier Players Series Iron Set 5-PW FREE MR 4 HYBRID

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Free Williams 4 Hybrid Worth £199





The new Qualifier Irons design evolves the features of the original FW32. Introducing improved lofts to increase playability and a full milled face for a better feel and control on impact. The club features its main innovation with the application of Williams Single Frequency - WSF - in all its shafts.

For over a century, the industry built iron sets following the main hypothesis, the shorter the club the stiffer the shaft. Clubs were then built trying to match frequency in an ascendant line. For the first time in history, Williams breaks this hypothesis with its Williams Single Frequency (WSF). This new method of shaft design produces the same stiffness throughout the whole set of clubs. A partnership with KBS and Fujikura has lead to a new generation of shafts.

The Fujikura graphite shafts come aligned to the decal allowing Williams Racing Golf to spine the shaft on assembly and furthermore to match the frequency during the assembly of the clubs. On the KBS steel shafts, the WSF assembly system includes Spine Alignment as well, allowing the torque of the club to behave reliably throughout the set, thus improving the swing consistency for the player. Williams Racing Golf has been able to adjust the stiffness of the shafts to any desired frequency ordered by the player and to deliver the clubs within 5 working days. The Qualifier irons are designed for players who look for higher forgiveness and playability. The material has a molecular structure that provides exceptional strength and durability, which increases the lifespan of the clubs for the golfer, without compromising feel. This iron also incorporates a Heavy Density Metal into its weighting system, used to maximize perimeter weighting and increases MOI for more forgiveness on off-center hits. The top line features a double bevel design, which makes it more aesthetically appealing while maintaining confidence at address.

The Qualifier iron series also feature design elements that originated from the Williams team of engineers. This iron is constructed from a material similar to the one which is used in the exhaust systems of the Williams race cars. This material has a molecular structure that provides for exceptional strength and durability, which increase the longevity and durability to the golfer, without compromising feel. The Qualifier Series was designed with all levels of golfers in mind.


Model Loft(°) Lie(°) Face Progression Length(") Grip Grip Size
#4 20 61.0 5mm 38.50 William Compound 580
#5 24 61.5 5mm 38.00 William Compound 580
#6 28 62.0 4.5mm 37.50 William Compound 580
#7 32 62.5 4mm 37.00 William Compound 580
#8 36 63.0 3.5mm 36.50 William Compound 580
#9 40 63.5 3mm 36.00 William Compound 580
PW 44 64.0 2.5mm 35.50 William Compound 580

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The Williams Racing Golf line of products exclusively features Fujikura graphite shafts. These shafts are produced in Japan and manufactured to the highest Japanese standards. Each Fujikura shaft has been custom tailored to each model of Williams Racing Golf products to ensure the highest level of performance. The Williams Octane Booster steel shafts are manufactured by KBS/FST. The Player series features a proprietary Williams Dual Compound grip manufactured by Avon. This grip utilizes multiple rubber compounds to create a unique feel. Optionally it can be ordered with our proprietary Williams Iomic Sticky grip as well

Fujikura WSF Shaft

Fujikura WSF Shaft Weight Torque(°) Kick Point Swing Weight CPM
R-Light 60g 4.4 Low C9-D0 240-250
R 67g 4.0 Mid to Low C9-D0 260-270
S 71g 3.5 Mid C9-D0 280-290
KBS Williams FST Steel 

KBS Williams FST Steel Weight Torque(°) Kick Point Swing Weight CPM
R-Light 95g 3.0 Low D1-D2 293-297
R 95g 3.0 Low D1-D2 298-302
SR 95g 3.0 Mid-Low D1-D2 303-307
S 102g 3.0 Mid-Low D1-D2 308-312