Targetline The Swing Builder Practise Net

Targetline The Swing Builder Practise Net

The Targetline Swing Builder Practise Net is your ultimate golf practice solution. Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, the sturdy frame, manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, and unique net provide a safe and efficient practice space. With 3 (70%) practise balls included, you'll be able to perfect your swing with confidence.

What's included?

  • Targetline Practise frame
  • Targetline Net
  • 3x 70% Practise Balls 

How to build:

1. Stand the metal frame up. Click the button and extend all four legs. So the frame is standing. 

2. Retract the two arm out and extend them full until they click. 

3. Take the net out of its bag and roll out. 

4. Open up the frame by extending the two metal pieces out. They can be stiff and rigid so use some force top open up. 

5. Slot the net frame on to the standing frame. They do not click in, simply sit on the frame. 

6. Start practising.

*To ensure its longevity, we recommend that only practice balls are used with this product, notably the 70% balls included, or suitable alternatives*